Founder Bio

Founder Bio

Dr. Amber Hull, D.O.

Private practice pediatrician by day, women’s pleasure advocate after dark. Read about how our founder built the audacity to challenge the status quo in the delivery of maternal and child healthcare.

Dr. Hull is a board certified pediatrician with extensive training in Women’s Health, Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Newborn Intensive Care. During medical school, she did all her elective rotations in OB/GYNE sub-specialties including high-risk pregnancy, gyn-oncology and pelvic floor reconstructive surgery. She has worked as an intern in the US State Department’s Office of International Health and Biodefense examining global issues that impact maternal and child health.

Throughout her career as a pediatrician, she came to recognize the lack of attention paid to the mental health and physical recovery of women after childbirth. She has spoken with countless women about the way their relationships with their own bodies change as a result of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Dr. Hull routinely talks with patients about pelvic floor dysfunction during the postpartum period and refers them to pelvic floor physical therapy. She has also seen the complex surgical repairs required when postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction goes unaddressed.

Dr. Hull takes a holistic approach to patient care; understanding that mental, physical and emotional health are inseparable. She founded Artemis Luxury Wellness to facilitate discussion and exploration of human sexuality through a feminine lens. She has a professional and personal mission to normalize these important conversations in an accessible, meaningful and playful way.