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Artemis Luxury Wellness

Las Vegas’ first and only female physician-led resource for transformational relationship experiences.

Artemis Luxury Wellness brings together physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, performers and practitioners to facilitate discussion of human sexuality and relationships. We strive to provide a setting in which questions can be asked and concepts explored without fear.
Our thoughtfully curated retreats provide transformative experiences for those who attend.




After Dark


Examining Human Sexuality through the Lens of Holistic Medicine.

Are you looking to reconnect or deepen your bond with your partner? Maybe you’re intentionally single, recently divorced or curious about the brave new world of Ethical Non-Monogamy. Artemis Luxury Wellness was designed with you in mind.

Technology has given us unlimited access to information on sex and relationships. Very little of that information is filtered through a professional lens which thoughtfully considers the medical and psychological aspects of this type of exploration. At Artemis, we’re here to honor the natural human desire to connect. We recognize that relationships are made and broken on the basis of sexual compatibility. We are here to validate the importance of pleasure and teach our guests the language to navigate these exciting conversations with an open heart, a curious mind and a playful spirit.

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Private practice pediatrician by day. Women’s pleasure advocate after dark. Read about how our founder built the audacity to challenge the status quo in the delivery of maternal and child healthcare.

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“Relationships are made and broken on the basis of sexual compatibility. We’re here to give you the knowledge base and skill set to honestly ask for what you want in your intimate life.”

Dr. Amber Hull , Artermis Founder

Explore the Possibilities. Rediscover your Passion. Reconnect with Pleasure.